Colby wins Masters Worlds Brown Belt

Masters Worlds Results

Over labor day weekend, we have a handful of athletes compete in the biggest BJJ tournament of the year, the Masters Worlds Championships. It was a tremendous success for our students and I very proud of my students for working hard and putting it on the line in Las Vegas.

Colby won 5 matches to win his brown belt division, taking gold!

Rodrigo Atunes who has been training with us the last few months getting ready for his black belt division had five matches taking silver. 

Adam (who hadn’t competed in a few years), took third in purple after beating the number one seed in his division.

Marc took third in his blue belt division getting the only submission in his division and losing in semis by an advantage in a heck of a comeback match.

Tyler went on a roll in his first three matches at purple including getting up 24-0 in his first match before losing a tight one in the quarter finals. 

Congrats to all the others that competed as well. Everyone fought hard. The quarter finals and semi final losses were razor thin margins. I was impressed by how the guys did on the feet and the pace and energy they went out there with. 


Six Blades’ own Victor Hugo ended up getting second in the grand prix after two quick submissions.