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When you are looking for a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy you want to find the best place for beginner BJJ students. We want to ignite your love of BJJ. You will find other beginning students enjoying these classes available throughout the week. Take your time and enjoy being a beginner student. Classes generally will have a warmup, followed by standing technique and two ground techniques from a position of the week. These techniques will be shown in a rotating curriculum which allows new people to enroll throughout the curriculum.

Beginner BJJ Curriculum Includes

  • Gracie style self-defense
  • Beginner level judo and wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submissions and pins
  • Defensive postures and escapes from bad positions
  • Bottom of closed guard sweeps and submissions
  • Top of closed guard breaks and passes

We always tell our students that most of them will overestimate how good they will be in a few months, but underestimate how good they will be in a few years!

Beginner BJJ students will learn self-defense and our techniques go over stance and distance management so that you will be able to stay safe in a self-defense situation whether it happens on the feet or on the ground. Other standing techniques include takedowns and from wrestling and judo. 

Not only will you start with an introductory lesson followed by a group class to see if you like it. We have 3 free private lessons for our new beginner members as well. These lessons will provide a bigger picture of Jiu-Jitsu while our weekly curriculum focuses on a specific position. We have also added a mobility class in 2024 to help your body get used to Jiu-Jitsu movements. These lessons and new class help set our academy further out from other academies for our beginner students.

One way to quickly tell how beginner friendly they are is by their client base. Do they have a strong female community? Do they higher ranked females or females instructing classes? Do they have older students as well? A community that only caters to the youngest and strongest isn’t a healthy one, but it is the one we see at a lot of other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies. 

At some academies, they use difficult warm-ups as a right of passage. This old-school mentality makes you feel lost and by being the slowest person doing line drills.  Then you are exhausted trying to learn a move you have never seen and have little energy for the fun training portion of class. 

Generally our warm-ups are about five minutes and done in your own space on that mat so that you can do them at your own pace. Warm-ups are important and as is getting your muscles warm and prime for the movements along with learning the coordination necessary to perform the moves. But it shouldn’t be something that you fear going to class over. From a learning perspective and sports science perspective, you don’t want to be trying to learn multi-step movements when you are completely gassed.


Couple training together JuJitsu
BJJ Seminar with Professor James

Also our techniques are taught to the students and then walked through step by step so you don’t have to worry about memorizing long sequences. You will be working with a more experienced partner so they will be doing the move first on you giving you more of a chance to learn it. Then partners are lined up in the same direction so you can easily look left or right to see someone doing the correct technique. This also allows our instructors to quickly identify groups that are needing more help quickly. Compare that to most academies where you are taught a move and then everyone scatters about and you will see a difference. 

We also spend more time on positional training than a lot of academies. Positional training builds on our position of the week. So if you are learning escapes from the mount position, then you will be training from the mount position at the end of the class. That way you have a chance to try the moves from the position that you were learning from. But what if you don’t know attacks from mount since this is your first week? Well, first you never have to roll, feel free to watch until you are comfortable training. But also feel free to just be annoying by reverse engineering what you learned. So if an escape required them to grab your arm to flip you over, try not allowing them to grab that arm! I usually tell students that their first month their job is learn the warmups. After they have done that, learn to be annoying to their training partners. They don’t have to win, or dominate, just learn to be a pest. Whatever your opponent is trying to do is most likely not in your best interest, so don’t let them do what they want to do. Most techniques take at least a handful of steps to complete and if you take just one of those steps away, the move fails and they have to flow to another technique. You will improve your abilities on the mat and the amount of fun you are having when you take the pressure off yourself to win and instead focusing on being annoying.  

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