Rafael Lovato Jr in Broomfield, CO

Lovato Seminar & Tournaments

World Champion in Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and undefeated MMA champion Rafael Lovato Jr was in Colorado this week and it was a great experience get training with him throughout the week and have him teach a seminar at our BJJ school in Broomfield, CO this last weekend. He covered side butterfly guard which is a type of open guard focused on sweeps, back takes and a few submissions that fit right into our game. I love having him out because with our similar styles I feel like the technique clicks into place and my students can immediately implement it. It was also great to get a few days or training no-gi and wrestling with him and my wrestling coach Dave as well. Nothing like having world champion jiu-jitsu and national champion wrestling mixing it up and sharing ideas. 

Fight to Win BJJ results in Denver, Colorado

Also we had a couple students compete in the Fight to Win tournament in Denver Colorado. While we don’t push competition for our young athletes it is great to see them do so well when they want to. Brooklyn won 5 of 6 matches in her division and Lincoln followed up his gold medal at grappling industries with a silver medal here. I am very proud of those kids and the great sportsmanship they always show. Brooklyn’s training partner at Catalyst BJJ did fantastic and was coached by our Hannah in many of her wins as well.