Head Pressure Passing System Released

Matt Jubera is a beast. If there is something that can mess up my diamond and my frames is his head pressure so I hope you all enjoy his instructional"
Xande Ribeiro
7x World Champion, ADCC Champion

I am really excited to release my first DVD Head Pressure Passing System through BJJ Fanatics. It is my hope that it is the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction on passing out there because it a concept based system that will allow you to beat a variety of guards that you see. You can find it https://bjjfanatics.com/collections/all/products/the-head-pressure-passing-system-by-matt-jubera

This series starts with one of the underhook half guard pass, shows how I like to dominate my partners head using my head and shoulders. Common counters to this pass and then builds out from there until you are passing more complex guards like the knee shield half, reverse de la riva, de la riva, spider, deep half etc. Usually I can only go deep on a series of moves for maybe a month in class before I see diminishing returns and my students need to focus time elsewhere. But here I get to layout a system from start to back and even the submissions follow the same concepts as the passes. 

I always think of what I do as “advanced basics” where you are taking basic moves that most white belts will learn, but can rarely pull off and then adding in the details they need to make them work. I also wanted to layer on top of that concepts that link the techniques together so that if you can’t memorize all 27 or so techniques before trying them out you could take the concepts to class and then try them out. I think just having a few concepts when you are rolling is a great idea so that when you get lost or tired during training you can get back on track easily. So when I am tired I use the concept of “get my head on their head” to get things back on track. 

A lot of this material came from my own evolution as a competitor. I won my first world championship in 2012 and even though I beat many good competitors (other world champions and guys who were medaling in the Brazilian nationals and Pans) there were a lot of close matches. I would get into dominant situations, but not be able to hold the position and get the finish. When I started focusing on head pressure during my passes and always dominating my partners alignment things really started clicking. When I repeated my world championship in 2017, I did it without a point being scored against me and all my submissions by submission. This was mostly through my head pressure passing system that once I got ahead of my opponent I was able to complete my passes and they were so overwhelmed and worn down the submission was the easy part. If you are a fan of this style I hope you check it out!

Kyle J
Kyle J
Amazing Detail
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Matt Jubera is one of Colorado’s hidden BJJ gems, and I can’t recommend this instructional enough. His level of detail is impressive and incredibly helpful.

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