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Friends of the Academy

Academies to Visit

I have gotten to meet so many amazing people through the academy. If you are looking for an academy to train at while visiting a new area check these out. 

https://mmaa.com/ Miller’s Martial Arts. Korbett runs an amazing kid’s program in Kirkland, Washington. He has been a mentor of mine for the last decade.

https://www.catalystbjj.com/ Catalyst BJJ is run by my first black belt Todd Kornfield in Windsor, Colorado. While being operated in a small town, he has one of the best kid competition teams in the state. He is opening a second location in Loveland, Colorado.

https://www.iowacitybjj.com/ If you are near Iowa State University one of my best friends Jason Clarke and first instructors runs an academy out there. A former Army Ranger, Jason runs  an amazing academy with killer self-defense from a scientist perspective. 

https://5rjj.com/ Tom Oberhue runs an amazing academy out in Portland, Oregon. One of the brightest minds in the sport I know and we have been collaborating on academy ideas since 2010.

https://www.virginiabeachjiujitsu.com/ Scotty Oates and I got our purple belts together, have traveled to Brazil to compete side by side in the world championships. Always good to have a Navy SEAL to count amongst your friends. When not teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you can also find him teaching ShivWorks as a certified instructor.

https://www.praxisbjj.com/ Larry King runs Praxis BJJ in Seattle, Washington and one of most fun, light hearted human beings I have met. If you want a great vibe in downtown Seattle check him out. We pass ideas back and forth.

Other Local Businesses

https://www.drmatadental.com/ My dentist is next door to the academy and is the dentist for my whole family. I had braces for 4 years as a child, so I feel like I have been in a dentist chair enough to know a great one.

http://katzchiropractic.com/ Evan Katz is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a world class chiropractor based out of Boulder, Colorado. 

https://www.animalsofchiropractic.com/ My friend Mattie Leto has moved to Springville, Virginia, but still comes back occasionally. If you are in his area or have horses locally that need work he is the man.

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