Paris Bahn Mi Broomfield, Co

Best Restaurants in Broomfield, CO

We get hungry after practice so here is the list of local spots we usually hit up.

1. Paris Bahn Mi

This is my favorite new addition to the Broomfield area and located super close to the academy, by the Home Depot on 1st Ave. It is a place to get Vietnamese sandwiches, teas/coffees and pastries. Their sandwiches are the best deal in town running between $6.50 to $8 for a good size sandwich on a great baguette. I am a big fan of their B7 BBQ Pork and their B12 Pork Belly. It is hard to not add on a drink like a Thai Iced Tea or one of their fresh pastries like steamed pork buns or pate chouix.

Pro Tip: If you like a saucier Bahn Mi, then ask for extra pate and butter (included for free). 

Keep the wife happy by bringing her back of slice of cake from the bakery section.

The only minor gripe is pretty small water cups and lack of decaf beverages.


Paris Bahn Mi Broomfield, Co

2. Liang's Thai Food

Liang’s Thai food moved from a food truck on the 16th Street Walking Mall in Denver to our very own Broomfield, CO in May of 2023. This place has amazing Pad Thai and Boat Noodle Soup. Generally Broomfield is known for the Pho restaurants, but now with the Liang’s and Bangkok Ave in North Broomfield I feel like Broomfield may have some of the better Thai food in the Denver Metro area. 

Liang's Pad Thai

3. 5280 Burger Bar

If you are looking for more of a sit down dining experience, then we usually head to 5280 Burger Bar down at 4301 Main St in Westminster just a few minute drive from us. The burgers and fries are pretty amazing. I recommend sharing a large basket of truffle fries rather than ordering individual fries. They have some of the best homemade ketchup I have ever tried. I am a big fan of fried chicken sandwiches and while they have 3 listed options, you can also substitute chicken for any burger on the menu so my new favorite is ordering the Baja Burger with the fried chicken (but remove the carmelized onions). There is ice cream in the same building to sample. 5280 Burger can start to get a little pricey so head to the nearby Costco on 92nd ave and pick up a 4 pack of the gift cards for 25% off. 


Modern Market Eatery

For the most healthy option, I would head to Modern Market right down 120th at 4800 W 121st Ave. Here you can choose between sandwiches, pizza or salads. When I am cutting weight for competition my go to is the large Farmer Salad. It isn’t always in season, but I also like the Ahi Tuna Nicoise meal as well. If I am not in the mood for something as healthy their pizzas are great as well as their chipotle steak sandwich. I like their selection of lemonade as well. 


Oscar's Kabob and Gyros

Oscars Chicken Kabob in Broomfield, CO

If you are looking for a gyro, this is the place to go. If I need something quick a gyro and a sweet tea are hard to beat. If you have more time, then I think the chicken kabob sandwich is the best thing on the menu. For something a bit more healthy, I go for the greek salad and then add gyro meat from there. It is located in our shopping mall at 6831 w 120th ave in Broomfield so I usually just walk over. http://www.oscarskabobgyros.com/