Grappling Industries Denver BJJ Results

BJJ Results: Grappling Industries Denver

on November 5, 2022 Jubera Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sent a team to Grappling Industries Denver at the Foothills Field House in Lakewood about a 40 minutes away from our home in Broomfield, Colorado. 

The team did awesome after leading in the adult division with the gi divions, we ended up in 4th place after no-gi barely missing out on a team trophy. I am super proud of the team as half of our team were brand new to competing and they did amazing. After taking second in the august tournament and 4th in this one I think we will have a strong foundation going into next years tournament schedule. Everyone will be more experienced and better able to handle the pressure and adrenaline dumps that come with competing.

Highlights of the tournament include Beaver winning his gi division and open weight division while Bobby took silver in both gi and no gi losing to Beaver in the finals of the open weight. He was stoked to hit an x guard sweep to ankle lock finishing one of his opponents in just 9 seconds. 

Matthew and Yoon both showed a ton of fire that we will be able to harness in later tournaments. Matthew hit the most takedowns on our team with a bunch of double legs. 

Jesus showed that next gear that we see in the academy so it was nice to see the results head his way. I always forget how short of a time that he has been training. 

Ben came away with some medals and showed some great pressure passing. 

I think everyone showed great poise and fight even when later in the day when everyone starts to get worn down after 4 or 5 matches. 

Also big shout to Lincoln who competed in the kids division and came away with some wins as well. His attitude and sportsmanship was tremendous. 

I am probably forgetting some things, but also big thanks to other students who came to coach and support our guys.