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Our No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu program is based on the ADCC winning style of Xande Ribeiro. This is where the simplicity and elegance of our Jiu-Jitsu crosses over easily into no-gi training. Professor Jubera is an accomplished No-Gi competitor taking 3rd at the No-Gi World Championships. He has helped ADCC Champions Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro and No-Gi World Champions Rafael Lovato Jr, James Poupolo and Victor Hugo and others train for many of their camps over the years. With our signature head pressure passing systems as a top player and the proper control of distance through frames and knee shields, the no-gi game isn’t as big of a jump for our students as it is for many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies.

Lovato Jr and Jubera No Gi Training

Most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies have issues with the takedown game as they aren’t experienced wrestlers. Brazil isn’t a country where wrestling is popular. Takedowns have always been a strength of Professor Jubera’s game. Not only does Matt have a background in wrestling and a judo black belt but Professor Jubera continues to seek out the best training partners in the state like Division 1 NCAA champion Dave Zabriskie. 

Wrestling Fundamentals Taught:

  • Stance, Motion and Head Position
  • Making contact
  • Dominant Tie-Ups (Collar and Wrist, Underhooks, 2 on 1, various wrist control)
  • Clearing Tie-Ups and counters to tie-ups
  • Shots (double leg, single leg, high crotch, low single, ankle picks) and finishes
  • Other takedowns (knee picks, foot sweeps, fireman carries and throws) 

The other big component of No-Gi is the leglock game. Professor Jubera to train with World Cup Sambo Champion Jessey Bouchard when starting his Judo and Jiu-Jitsu journey. Jessey and others inspired Matt to embrace the leglock game. As such our academy allows heel hooks and other leglocks in no-gi training at blue belt and above.

The modern leglock game in nuanced with many positions as intricate as the guard positions of BJJ, some of the ones you will learn are: 

  • Single Leg X (anaconda/irimi ashi): this is a common entrance position to exposing the heel (usually finished in outside ashi), sweeping or moving to other guards and leg entanglements such as the modified x, x guard, reverse x, 50/50 or backside 50/50. 
  • Outside Ashi: This is a common finishing position for the outside heel hook, not a good place for exposing the heel hook as it can expose your back. 
  • Cross Ashi (Inside Sangaku/saddle): This is a common position from to setup and finish the inside heel hook, if they defend the heel hook you will often find yourself transitioning to the back
  • 50/50: A great place for maintaining control of your opponent and finishing the inside heel hook. Harder for your opponent to escape than cross ashi, but can leave you more exposed to the heel hook yourself.
  • Backside 50/50: a great place for finishing the heel hook. Can get to this position from X-Guard and K-Guard. You can transition to outside sangaku or 50/50 as well
  • Outside Sangaku: Similar to cross ashi as a great place to expose and setup the inside heel hook, but more difficult to escape because of it is harder to pummel the secondary leg inside and kickout.

Inside and Outside Heel Hooks aren’t the only popular move in No-Gi BJJ. At the highest level leg locks are only about a third of the submissions that you see and basic chokes like the Rear naked choke, triangle and guillotine are very common as well as armlocks and kimuras. Other moves you will learn: 

  • Aoki-lock: a more effective version of the straight ankle lock that involves getting the heel on the ribs to avoid the Boot counter
  • North-South Choke: a subtle, but effective no-gi sumission popularized by Marcelo Garcia against a flat opponent.
  • Arm Triangles are very common in No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu with D’arces, Anaconda and standard variations. Most people use too much strength in applying these.
  • Toe holds: You will learn that anklelocks and toe-holds can be applied with similar mechanics to a heel hook that will weaken the foot before the break.

Professor Jubera is one of the toughest and most technical Black Belts I have ever trained with.

Lovato Jr prep for Pro Fight BJJ

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