Rafael Lovato and Matt Jubera prep for Craig Jones

Lovato Prep, Hugo Wins

Last weekend I was traveling to Oklahoma City to help Rafael Lovato Jr get ready for his next match against the very talented Craig Jones. Craig has a tricky style that has been fun to gameplan for. It was a great trip and thought we made some great progress while out there. Lovato posted the following about the trip and I am appreciative of the kind words. 

Want to give a shoutout & big appreciation for my brother, Prof Matt Jubera @sixbladesbjjdenver. @xanderibeirojj & myself consider him our secret weapon & technique scientist 👨‍🔬 for the @sixbladesjiujitsu team. He is a beast in his own right, multiple time Master World 🥋 Champion & adult NoGi World Black Belt medalist, but it’s his ability to study, strategize, & breakdown every technique & game out there that makes him a very special Jiu-JItsu mind 💯

Our brotherhood & work together has stood the test of time, nearly 20yrs of blood, sweat, & tears. He has been in my corner for some of my biggest wins & no matter what’s going on, he will always make the sacrifice to travel to OKC to help me prepare for my biggest challenges. I’m very grateful for everything this guy brings to my life both on & off the mats 🙏❤️

Let’s get another one brother!!!” – Rafael Lovato Jr. 

Victor Hugo beats Nicky Rod

While down in OKC, we got to watch Victor Hugo’s tough match against Nicky Rod. A match where even though Victor Hugo is the best jiu-jitsu guy in the world, he can still be considered an underdog in No-Gi against ADCC silver medalist Nicky Rodriguez. Victor showed a great gameplan and combined beautiful upper body submission attempts, with elevations into leg entries. His closest submission was from an armbar from closed guard where Nicky had an equally amazing escape. Nicky was able to secure a pass after a leglock entry, but Victor was able to escape back to guard and eventually wrestle up, force turtle and temporarily get to the mount. A great test for Victor to start the year and he looked great.