Intermediate and Advanced Jiu-Jitsu

Sean speer jumping back take jiu-jitsu

Our intermediate program is designed to take our students from 6 months to blue belt. While the beginner classes focus on self defense and preparing the students to train live, the intermediate program starts to add more guards and techniques and expand the student’s knowledge of the techniques available. While we don’t expect students to be able to execute all or even most of the techniques shown in this class, it is important to get an idea of the techniques that are out there and what they will face.

Intermediate Curriculum Includes:

  • Judo grip fighting strategy and wrestling hand fighting
  • Introduction to open guards such as De La Riva, Butterfly, X-Guard
  • Passing and defending from half guards such as knee shield, deep half guard and half butterfly
  • Open guard replacement
  • Passing open guards and sequences into submissions
  • Positional training from advanced positions
  • Leglocks such as ankle locks, toe holds, kneebars (heel hooks reserved for No-Gi training)

Our advanced program is designed to take our students to black belt and is available once you have trained for about 6 months. You will find our Monday and Wednesday classes focused on positional training so even our most advanced student will see progress. This concept based class has less of a focus on techniques and more of a focus on concepts that can be applied to a variety of situations.

  • Advanced Concepts and Techniques
  • High level transitions and offensive strategy
  • Open space for questions and clarifications
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