Fargo BJJ Seminar

Fargo Trip and Lovato Jr Training

It was great to travel to Fargo, ND a few weekends ago to put on a seminar for George and Sarah’s students at Fargo BJJ and their Grand Forks students as well. We covered a lot of head pressure passing concepts and a lot on cross knee passing, weave passing ways to shut down the knee shield. Then in no gi we covered a variety of material including takedowns, passing and some leglock material for their no gi crew. They have an amazing student base and home grown culture. I first met George at Easton BJJ in 2007 so it is great to see what he and Sarah have built there the last 15 years. It was also cool to pick up some half guard details from some of their guys as well which I think will fit in our student games back in Colorado. 

I am excited for the upcoming seminar at our academy with Rodrigo Pagani at the end of the month and Sophia McDermott in November. 

Training with Lovato Fall 2023

Then on Tuesday the 10th I went down to train with Rafael Lovato Jr as he was in town for belt promotions at the Kompound. He was fresh off his WNO victory over the very tough Ricardo Evangelista. His next match looks like it will be for the WNO title against Pedro Marinho. We went over some different passing combinations and leg attacks. I will probably be going to OKC next month to help with his camp but it was good to see some evolutions of his passing game to bring back to the academy. 

Check out his last match where he hits a nice off side arm drag to ko-uchi. Followed by some great pressure passing. His threat of the kimura from half guard setup the back exposure. Then the threat of the arm triangle setup up the RNC attempt which led to the triangle choke. A beautiful sequence for sure.