Dwi uses bow and arrow at Nashville Open IBJJF

IBJJ Nashville Open

We sent a small crew down to the IBJJF Nashville Open to compete a few weekends ago. The highlight was Dwi winning his absolute (open-weight division). Here is the final match where you can see him using some nice open guard to get on top, pass his opponents guard before finishing with a bow and

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Victor Hugo vs Nicky Rod

WNO Training and More

So this year is getting started right! After the team competes in the next Grappling Industries tournament this weekend, I will be heading down to Austin run some training for the current open-weight world champion in BJJ Victor Hugo. He will be going against the very talented and ADCC finalist Nicky Rodriquez in WNO (Who’s

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Film Study for BJJ

I was asked by a student (Pete) how I watch video for BJJ and I believe video is an source of information and is one of the reasons for that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu evolves so quickly. People are studying matches and technique more than ever before, but there are a couple of traps to watch out

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Keldan graduates ROTC

Awesome Student Updates

I just wanted to give a big congrats to two of our longtime students. Tamsin for her outstanding success in getting accepting into the very prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)! That is a ridiculous accomplishment for a high schooler.  Also Keldan finished up his ROTC shown above wearing ribbons for a 4.0 GPA that

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Sean speer jumping back take jiu-jitsu

Holiday Schedule 2023

Kids Schedule 12/25 Mo: Closed12/26 Tu: 3:55 PM (4-7) and 4:30 (ages 7-15 combined). No 5:15 PM12/27 We: Closed12/28 Th: 3:55 PM (4-7) and 4:30 (ages 7-15 combined). No 5:15 PM01/01 Mo: Closed01/02 Tu: Resume normal schedule Note: Last comp practice 12/16/23. Family class starts Saturday 1/13 on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the

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