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Kids BJJ Stand in Base
Sam playing open guard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Class. Martial arts Broomfield


Our youth programs are the building blocks for the next generation. Our students work through an age-appropriate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum. It builds a strong foundation of martial art skills including takedowns, positional control, and submissions, as well as activities to build skill, strength, and coordination. The curriculum also reinforces positive character traits such as patience, impulse control, self-discipline, respect, and empathy. Our program incorporates anti-bullying training that has been proven safe and effective.




When you view our classes you will see kids classes that start with fun, move into gritty training, followed by techniques and specific training, bookended with character development and games. This makes for a fun, hard-working class atmosphere with a ton of Jiu-Jitsu. Some academies are afraid of letting their kids train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but we find that kids are competitive and love the challenge. 

You will find a lot of classroom management techniques keep our classroom organized and well run. Partners are chosen by coaches based to make their class fun and challenging. When kids ages 7+ do technique you will see them facing the same direction and walked through the technique by the instructor so that they have the best chance of doing it right the first time. These classroom management techniques allow the kids to practice well from the first rep and allow the coaches to help the kids who need it most. Technique is followed by specific training. Sometimes the kids get to choose the resistance level that provides they want to do so the rough and tumble kids get more training, while the more precise students get more drilling time that they enjoy.

Rather than having them drill a single leg takedown from an underhook with minimal resistance, they might start with a single leg and try to get to a partner to touch their hip or hand to the mat while their partner tries to balance or escape. Then they might start with an underhook and try to get to a single leg or body lock. Then they might train from standing while trying to achieve an underhook. Once they are successful doing each one of these against a resisting opponent, all of those in a row against a resisting opponent becomes so much easier.

So you will find an academy where the kids are having a blast, doing a ton of training with specific goals to teach them specific skills. The time flies by and they get in a great workout.

Kids Passing the Guard Game in Broomfield, CO

Our Black Belt Pledge

We start every Kids Jiu-Jitsu class with our call/response Black Belt Pledge:

Why are we here? To Learn
What do we give? 100%
To achieve? Success
What do we do when things are hard? Persevere
Who is responsible for your actions? I am
I believe in you? I believe in myself

The black belt pledge is a very important part of our program. We frame every class with the ideas of life-long learning, giving full effort in everything we do, personal success, perseverance, responsibility and self-belief. This is performed through a group response to help group dynamics. This allows you to use this pledge in your daily life. So if your child makes a poor decision, you can ask “who is responsible for your actions?” Or if they are having trouble with a math homework, then you can ask “what do we do when things get hard?” Before your child faces a difficult situation you can proudly say “I believe in you” and that will remind them of all the times that they have said “I believe in myself.”

Language powerfully shapes our thinking, which develops our beliefs, which forms our actions and our actions determine our reality.

Connor doing americana from mount on Jameson in jiu jitsu class

Developing Gratitude and Grit in Our Students

Gratitude is a foundational value in the culture here at Jubera Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in both the kids and adult programs. Being thankful for the people and things we have in our lives leads us to take better care of those relationships and ourselves. Studies at Yale show us that gratitude leads to happiness, impulse control and mental strength. A kid with more gratitude is a happier, resilient and frankly tougher child. The best college wrestling room in the country, Penn State also talks about the value of gratitude on a consistent basis.

Through training at Jubera Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu your children will develop the all important quality of Grit in our Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program. See your kid develop the ability to persevere, overcome and succeed in difficult circumstances. Grit can only come from being tried and tested in a crucible like training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at our academy.

Minnie going for an americana in Kids BJJ Class
Minnie performing Armbar in front of parents at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class

Kids Jiu-Jitsu: The Solution to Bullying

Your child will be learning the best martial art for bullying at Jubera Jiu-Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a complete martial art that focuses on teaching kids to use leverage to subdue and neutralize their bullies without the use of punching or kicking. This method allows your child to defend themselves against larger attackers and to train in a safe, but challenging grappling art. When your little one succeeds in training you will see them gain real confidence in themselves and their ability to grow as a person. This confidence and physical training creates strong body language that will prevent the majority of bullying situations and we give your child simple verbal strategies when a bully persists. If all this prevention failed, know that you are giving your child the physical skills to defend themselves as well.

Not only does your kid develop real Jiu-Jitsu kills, but BJJ teaches your kid to stand up for themselves. We go over the 5 rules of engagement that include:

  • Avoid the Fight at All Cost
  • When attacked defend yourself
  • When made fun of, use the 3 T steps
More than 99% of the time our kids BJJ students will naturally be more self-confident and this will ward of bullies who will go for easier targets. But on the rare occurrence when it doesn’t our students have defended themselves successfully against much older (7 year old vs 14 year olds) or against multiple bullies at once. This will give you the confidence that you are giving your child the best tools available to defend themselves.
Coach Hannah belt promotion with 6 year old girl in martial arts Broomfield

Positive Role Models

At our school you will find a family friendly school not only run by a mult-time world champion, but a husband and father of two. Professor Jubera graduated from a top University with a degree in Computer Science and knows the value of education. Professor Jubera’s mother enrolled him into martial arts when he was a child because she was a Judo practioner herself. She saw the value of martial arts in her own life and in her career as both an FBI agent and a middle school teacher.