Last weekend I was excited to head to Seattle, Washington where I was able to teach a seminar at Miller’s Martial arts (mmaa.com). Korbett has been a mentor of mine for our kids’s program for 14 years. It was great to go over some guard passing concepts that they should be able to implement quickly. Some of it came from my instructor Xande’s latest visit to Colorado in the first part of this month. 

After the seminar it was great to get some training with my good friend James Puopolo, no-gi world champion out of Salem Kaiser BJJ, Tom Oberhue of 5 Rings JJ and Larry King of Praxis BJJ. 

This week is a fun week at the academy with belt promotions and stripes for our kids program and some new training games that I brought back from my trip. 

Then this weekend I will be out coaching in Las Vegas for the Lovato Jr vs Craig Jones match on UFC Fight Pass

James Puopolo BJJ at Miller's Martial Arts
Half Guard Passing at Miller's Martial arts