COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precaution Images

We take COVID-19 seriously and are happy to provide one of the best ventilated academies out there with three 6-ton a/c units which should give air changes every 5 minutes which is beyond most hospital requirementsThis swiss study showed that badly ventilated classrooms infected students at a rate of “six times as many cases as the better ventilated ones.” Most academies are run out of light industrial buildings which barely provide any circulation at all compared to ours which again is beyond hospital requirements. I consult with my students who are on the front lines of this disease as to how to best safely continue training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during this pandemic. Broomfield is also one of the safest counties in Colorado in one of the safest states. 

What about the safety of unvaccinated children?
As a parent of two kids under 4 years old, I understand that this is a personal choice and many positions are defensible. I found this article the New York Times helpful (article).
“…Two Covid experts who say that they will not keep their own children cooped up until they are vaccinated. ‘It’s really important to look at a child’s overall health rather than a Covid-only perspective,’ Dr. Amesh Adalja, another expert, at Johns Hopkins University, said. If you let your children go to school during flu season, let them travel in a car or let them go swimming, you’re probably exposing them to more risk than Covid presents to them.”